Error message: Prevent users from going into a loop

Family library loop


The user has created and deleted their family group twice within a year. 


  • Error message appears too late in the flow. The user can get through the first 2 screens before seeing this message.
  • The CTA brings them into a loop. The user clicks Close, but it just brings them back to onboarding. 
  • Users don't know what to do to help themselves. The error message doesn’t really tell them what they can do instead.






Give the user options of what they can do

Instead of just telling them the problem, I gave them 2 options of things they can do next - joining a family group instead, or checking when they can create a family group. 

Provide additional help

If they wanted to learn more about their situation, I added a link to a helpful page. 

Don’t lead users back to onboarding

To avoid bringing the users into a loop, lead them out of the onboarding flow. 

Recommend preventing users from getting to the flow in the first place

If they really can’t get through the flow anymore, we should prevent them from entering onboarding. We should either move the error message to the first screen OR gray out the option to create a library (with a link to why they can’t create one).