Optimizing email strategies to better reach users


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6 weeks


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Mr Windows is a company based in Reston, Virginia that focuses on providing window cleaning services to people within the area.


Customers aren't following email instructions to help themselves prepare for window cleaning. When Mr Windows' team arrives, they need to take extra time just to make sure customers follow instructions and this takes time away from the job, potentially delaying their schedule.

Problems with the email

  • This email is sent as soon as the appointment is booked, even though the appointment might not be for many weeks. 
  • The email doesn’t contain any details about the customer’s appointment
  • The email frames the conversation from the needs of the business, rather than highlighting the benefits for the customer
  • The email emphasizes what the business doesn’t do over what it does.
  • Line items are not consistently phrased
  • Bold is used to indicate list items,
    while underlined bold is used for disclaimers 

Our approach

To find solutions, we needed to identify the goals first.

User goals

  • Schedule a cleaning appointment quickly and conveniently
  • Confirm the details of their appointment once it has been scheduled (time, date, services, and pricing)
  • Know exactly what to expect the day of the appointment and how to prepare their home
  • Achieve a sense of accomplishment knowing that their home is in good hands for their next cleaning.

Business goals

  • Give customers essential, actionable info
  • Increase organic traffic to the business’s website
  • Increase client retention rate
  • Encourage clients to rate your business on social media sites

Identified opportunities by mapping the journey

  • Email may be sent a little too earlier so customers actually forget what they have to do before the appointment.
  • There's no reminders after booking the appointment.
  • Even the current email is too confusing.



Mapping out the happy path

Mapping out the user journey helped us identify an optimized communication strategy.

  • Split emails to send info to users when it is relevant
  • Send the checklist in the Reminder email 24 hours before the appointment
  • Consolidate list items when possible to make content easily digestible
  • Include links to the website to drive user traffic to the business website

Improved email

Improved content to:

  • Frame the conversation by addressing the customer’s needs 
  • Underlined bold is used for the initial action 
  • Emphasize how completing the checklist will improve the overall experience for the customer
  • Start with clear, actionable verbs

Improved content delivery by:

  • Sending 24 hours before the appointment
  • Including the time and date of the appointment